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    Latest BUILD UP Skills activities

    04-02-2014 |  Report_workshop_1_22.8.2013 |  Slovakia
    04-02-2014 |  Report_workshop_2_17.9.2013 |  Slovakia
    04-02-2014 |  Report_national conference_3.10.2013 |  Slovakia
    04-02-2014 |  Final project conference |  Slovakia
    06-12-2013 |  BUSSK-SQA-Slovakia.pdf |  Slovakia

    National Country Pages

    The project will be led by the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia (Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska – ZSPS) with assistance of other 4 consortium members:

    Building Testing and Research Institute (Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný – TSUS),

    Congress and Educational Centre (Ústav vzdelávania a služieb),

    Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (Slovenská inovačná a energetická agentúra – SIEA)

    EkoFond, non investment fund established by the Slovak Gas Company.

    The project is planned for 18 months and is divided into 5 work packages. Each work package is lead by some of the consortium members.